Buy Quickly’s 618 Performance:
Luxury GMV increased strongly by 337%

2020/06/22 Browse

The 618 shopping festival in 2020 has come to a successful end. Shanghai Buy Quickly joined hands with 80 international brands of high-end fashion, entry luxury and luxury brand stores. The online GMV increased by 101.3% year-on-year and surpassed that of 11.11 shopping festival, 2019.


The GMV of luxury goods operated by Buy Quickly achieved a powerful increase of 337% year-on-year, meanwhile the GMV of its 9 business divisions all led the industry. Among them, an increase of 207% year-on-year was achieved by the Men's Wear division, 167% by the Luggage & Bags division, and 163% by the Jewelries division; Moreover, we also supported multiple brands to win the first place under different fashion categories, such as luxury luggage & bags, jewelries, Swiss watches, flip-flops and JD Luxury Fashion, with a year-on-year growth of over 200%.


Thanks to the New Retail Intermediary Relationship proposed by Shanghai Buy Quickly and the efficiency boosting of the strategic positioning of luxury goods, various measures have been taken to empower brands to achieve growth by strategic upgrading, departmental linkage and multi-scenario marketing.


Focusing on luxury strategy to redefine the new retail middleman relationship

The reason for the robust growth lies not only in Buy Quickly's professional and rich experience of almost 10 years in entry luxury and luxury goods segment, but also in the internationalized talent echelon specialized in operation, logistics & warehousing, etc. of luxury goods. Till now, Buy Quickly has been the strategic partner of top luxury brands globally.


New front for marketing: live streaming & digitalization empowering combined growth of brand & efficiency

Brand consulting and digital marketing business of Buy Quickly showed their edges in 618 shopping festival of this year. Shanghai Buy Quickly made its debut in 618 shopping festival with its unique business model of “Live Streaming+ E-commerce + Vertical Fashion”, gaining the trust of 17 international high-end brands and achieving a GMV of more than 39.1 million RMB. Reportedly, a super live streaming center has been in place for MCN live streaming business of Shanghai Buy Quickly, together with professional teams for product selection, operation, anchors, director and others, as well as advanced technical equipment for promoting the quality presentation of luxury live streaming.


At the same time, relying on refined digital consumer operation, Shanghai Buy Quickly supported brands to reach more than 60 million new customers, with consumer efficiency increased by 253%; In terms of digital marketing, nearly 100 million RMB GMV was created by three business teams of Integrated Marketing, Content Marketing and Effect Marketing; Our Visual Studio has established deep cooperation with many tier-one luxury brands in visual presentation.


Super middle office: boosting brand growth.

For omni-channel retail service industry, 618 shopping festival is a test not only for the sales performance, operation and marketing at the foreground, but also for the synergy of supportive customer service, IT system and logistics & supply chain.

Unlike other service providers in the industry, Buy Quickly regards customer service as its strategic focus. In addition to building the customer service team in Shanghai, we also take the initiative to adopt live customer service to visually serve the customers. According to Buy Quickly, the contribution of customer service sales accounts for 30%-40% more or less of the GMV of brand stores, with up to 60% for one single store, taking a leading position in the industry. The total customer reception of 618 shopping festival in 2020 is 174% of the last year, while the proportion of GMV contributed by customer service sales achieved 124% of the last year.


Meanwhile, the shipments of Shanghai Buy Quickly logistics & warehousing increased by over 150% year-on-year, and all orders can be delivered within an average of 8 hours; VAS mini program and super smart SMS, etc. Have been developed independently by the IT intelligent system.


During the post-epidemic period, Shanghai Buy Quickly redefined the new intermediary relationship of retail industry with one-stop integrated services, realizing the doubling of company GMV and the explosive increase of luxury goods GMV. In the future, we will continue to empower brands to achieve their integrated growth.

Buy Quickly won Excellent ISV title
by Tmall Luxury Pavilion

2020/06/04 Browse

Recently, Shanghai Buy Quickly stood out in the 2020 Spring/Summer New Fashion FAST Contest held for the first time by Tmall Luxury Pavilion, and was granted the honor of Excellent ISV. During the new fashion activity held by Tmall, whereby rigorous data insight and refined consumer service operation, Shanghai Buy Quickly provided support for luxury brands to achieve the value enhancement of brand consumer assets by precise positioning of target groups and implementing of scenarios, receiving unanimously recognition from brands and the industry.


As the top platform for online trading of luxury goods in China, Tmall has been an important platform for luxury brands to compete with each other. Since its official launch, Tmall Luxury Pavilion has gradually become the main front of brand digital operation. Meanwhile, the luxury market has also become a crucial field for Shanghai Buy Quickly to focus on operation and seek new growth. In addition, among the awards of Tmall Luxury Pavilion & WWD Luxury Brand Digital E-commerce Impact List announced recently, six luxury brands supported by Shanghai Buy Quickly were awarded three honors: Pioneer of Digital Transformation, New Force of Customer Base Growth, and Brand Marketing Innovation.


In future, Shanghai Buy Quickly will adopt the industry leading one-stop and full-chain service model, persist in deepening and refining customer base operations, continuously exploring the online growth value and empowering brands to achieve digital growth.

Buy Quickly’s Dream for Public Welfare

2020/05/28 Browse

During the Covid-19 epidemic in February 2020, Shanghai Buy Quickly learned from the Maitian (Wheat Field) Program that the poor families in Shiyan, Hubei Province suffered a dramatic income drop due to the epidemic, which made their lives quite difficult.


After fully understanding the needs of families in the epidemic area, the Public Welfare Action of Buy Quickly decided to join hands with "Maitian Program", a charity organization committing to promoting the development of quality education for rural children, and to provide targeted education assistance to 100+ families in impoverished mountainous areas of Shiyan, Hubei Province.


During the spontaneous donation, 309 employees got involved and made their contributions. Till now, our donations have been put into the hands of 113 children from 8 schools in impoverished mountainous area of Shiyan, Hubei Province, which could help them overcome the difficult period of the epidemic and continue their educations and life from March to the following six months. After learning about the situation, some colleagues even decided to support excellent students of these areas in the form of long-term designated donation.


Buy Quickly started from a team of 3 staff, and now we have 1,000 employees. It is time for us to spare no effort to care for more people with our company spirits.


On the occasion of the new decade of company development, our “Public Welfare Action” officially set sail. As a leading global service provider focusing on fashion industry, Buy Quickly will make full of Endless Public Welfare Action, focus on social groups of teenagers and females, carry out public welfare actions on gender & aesthetic education and cultural protection, and take positive actions to make contributions on the healthy development of social ecology.

Buy Quickly was honored with Integrated Service Provider of Tmall Apparel & Accessories Brand Marketing

2020/04/29 Browse

Recently, Shanghai Buy Quickly stood out from many competitors and was awarded the honor of Integrated Service Provider of Brand Marketing organized by Tmall Apparels & Accessories. After striving for ten years, this honor is not only the embodiment of Buy Quickly’s comprehensive marketing service capability, but also the representative of highly official recognition from Tmall.


According to media reports, prior to announcing as the finalist in the Integrated Service Provider Award, Buy Quickly has also won the title of Gold Award of Taobao Partners awarded by Tmall for six consecutive years; Since 2016, Buy Quickly has been rated as Six-star Service Provider by Tmall for several times, as well as Data Bank Certification Service Provider and Brandhub Preferred Service Provider of the first batch; In 2019, we were rated as the Official Cooperative Service Provider of Tmall Apparels & Accessories, being widely recognized by industry experts in terms of international brand projects, sports ecology projects, star ICON projects and fashion brand projects.


Over the past decade, oriented by From Brand To Consumer, Buy Quickly focuses on fashion industry, continuously provides integrated services for international fashion brands, and builds a one-stop customer service selection of brand consulting, store operations, digital marketing, logistics & warehousing, IT solutions, which integrates with omni-channel and full-chain to help brands connect with consumers and empower brand growth.

BUY QUICKLY Appointed Mr. Chester Cheng as new President of the Company

2020/03/16 Browse

On February 1st, 2020, Buy Quickly E-Commerce Co., Ltd. announced the appointment of Mr. Chester Cheng, former President of Greater China of Clarks Group, as the company’s president. Chester reports directly to Mr. John Liu, the chairman and CEO of Buy Quickly.


Mr. Chester graduated from Feng Chia University in Taiwan with a degree in Business Administration. He has worked for NIKE and Clarks. And he has more than 20 years of brand operation and management experience, which enables him to boast deep understanding and keen insight of the fashion retail industry.


Mr. John Liu, Chairman and CEO of BQ, mentioned, “BQ is rapidly establishing a new type of intermediary relationship and is committed to becoming an international leading omni-channel service provider. As a culture-driven and vision-oriented entrepreneurial company, we sincerely welcome outstanding leaders like Mr. Chester. We aim at continuously providing better services and creating greater value to our partners. our bright future will be achieved together with brands, employees, and shareholders.”

Regarding joining BQ, Mr. Chester also expressed his full confidence and expectations. Chester mentioned, "I have been keeping trying various ways to live a youthful lifestyle. Though I am a little older than our colleagues in BQ, I never stop setting and embracing new challenges in life. I am deeply into sporting, analyzing, as well as enjoy keeping a young mindset. As a young people's company, BQ is the team that I would like to fight together with. I hope that I can apply my 22 years of work experience to achieve my biggest dream here, which is INFORMATION CREATES VALUE. I am excited to embark on this new journey and determined to win this most important battle in my life together with BQ. "

BQ is a leading omni-channel service provider that specializes in serving international fashion brands. After nine years of rapid development, it has achieved outstanding outcomes in affordable luxury and luxury industry and still demonstrates strong momentum of growth. We believe that the joining of Mr. Chester Cheng, will make the development of BQ more sustainable and efficient. We believe that a much brighter future is yet to come.


KENZO Official Tmall Flagship Store Has opened in Tmall

2020/01/17 Browse

On January 17th, Buy Quickly achieved the opening of KENZO's official flagship store in the Tmall.

KENZO is a fashion brand founded in France by Japanese master designer Kenzo Takada, who broke high-end custom-made clothing code with colorful prints and an avant-garde attitude, and inspired by the jungle and nature and combined with precision tailoring, modern style of men's and women's fashion to present a bold and colorful personality trend.

The Tiger’s Head, Smart Eye and Eye-Catching LOGO, are KENZO's classic ICONS.

This opening is a special presentation of the Rat limited series of 2020 Year. The flagship pattern Kung Fu Mouse exhibits via a cinematic technique of transformation. Re-live animation from the 50's and Kung Fu movies of the 70’s, exuding a sporty and casual atmosphere brimming with celebration.

KENZO has officially opened its official flagship store on the Tmall platform and exclusively on Tmall luxury platform “luxury Pavilion”. Open Taobao and Search “KENZO Official Flagship Store” to explore more!


Mighty Winds Test One’s Strength, Set Sail on A True Course by Winds.

2019/12/16 Browse

On December 12, 2019, Sequoia Fashion Technology Industry Equity Investment Fund and a number of industry strategic investors, the Shenzhen Claris SI Group and Shanghai Buy Quickly E-commerce Inc. have successfully achieved a strategic investment agreement; The landing of 494.3 million in strategic investments is once again writing a new chapter on the growth of Buy Quickly!


Sequoia's current round of strategic investments is based on the highly recognition for the strategic deployment, service model and business value of Buy Quickly. Meanwhile it also represents a complete trust in the core management team of Buy Quickly.


In the future, the founding team of Buy Quickly will not only lead the company's future development strategy and planning, but will also continue to upgrade the company's global service capabilities, and focus on the affordable luxury and luxury goods industry to lead the business into the company's strategic development fast track.


The investment in Buy Quickly by strategic partners such as Sequoia in this phase will further contribute to a comprehensive upgrade of Buy Quickly's business, particularly the leading development of logistics, IT, digital marketing and other businesses.


Super Report I 2019 Buy Quickly 11.11 Has Peaked!

2019/11/13 Browse

In 2019, Buy Quickly 11.11, good news keeps pouring in.


GMV has increased by 56%, sales volume of Luxury goods category has grown by 226%, establishing a lead within a number of industries.


Brands in the category of Women's clothing surpassed the entire day's sales in 2018 within 13 minutes; Sales in the underwear category exceeded 1 million units; Sales for men's clothing brands are three times greater than last year; Of the footwear category, international leisure shoes ranked TOP1; The outdoor sports category brands broke past 100 million in the first hour; The accessories category brands were 170% higher than last year’s. We are helping the brand grow in all directions.


Of Buy Quickly own acclaimed high-end warehouse, the 11.11 shipping rate increased by 38%. Buy Quickly Future Retail Management System processed orders for 2.08 million brand products, attaining order processing speeds of up to 3689 units per second.


Digital crowd-sourcing operations assisted e-commerce on 11.11  and reached more than 20 million peopleand helped the ROI increase by more than 30%. The 11.11 activities also launched in multi-channel such as offline retail, D2C website, applets. The offline stores increased sales by 80% year-on-year.


The content marketing team's livestreams helped to sell 7,600 items in 15 seconds on 11.11 and a total sales volume was more than RMB 50 million. The marketing design team completed a total of 1,200+ sets of brand web pages, 8400+ sheets of promotional materials, and furthermore, won the creative marketing posters designing pitch with Tmall elements joint for the brands. The Buy Quickly Visual Merchandising Center offered 11.11's visual blockbusters for serviced brands, taking 60,000 snapshots and contributing 40,000 images to customers.


The number of customer responses provided by Buy Quickly Customer Service team exceeded six million, an increase of 60% over the previous year. And served more than 500,000 consumers, with an intelligent assistance resolution rate of greater than 90%.



The MONTBLANC Glasses Official Flagship Store Has Opened in Tmall.

2019/10/24 Browse

MONTBLANC was founded in Europe in 1906.Exquisite details, classic symbols and uphold the heritage of traditional crafts are all interpretations of MONTBLANC's noble taste and elegant style. Mont Blanc's towering presence symbolizes MONTBLANC's belief in excellence.


With the support of Buy Quickly, the MONTBLANC glasses category has officially entered the Tmall platform and the Tmall exclusive platform Luxury Pavilion to open the MONTBLANC glasses official flagship store. Bai Jingting, an outstanding young actor from China, serves as the ambassador of the MONTBLANC Asia Pacific glasses series.


Buy Quickly's Southeast Asia Branch Arriva Won The "Lazada Best Service Provider Of 2019" Award

2019/09/05 Browse

On August 22, Lazada Awards Night was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, with Buy Quickly's Southeast Asia Branch Arriva winning the annual "2019 Lazada Best Service ProviderAward, namely Lazada, Southeast Asia's largest e-commerce platform. Currently Arriva is the only local e-commerce business operator to receive this award in Southeast Asia.


This Lazada Awards Night is the first time Lazada has announced its various best-in-category sellers and service providers on the Lazada platform. Top Contender and Service Provider Awards include electrical and electronic, FMCG, fashion, department stores and service providers, more than 100 internationally famous brands present, including Unilever, P&G, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Following the fierce competition, Buy Quickly's Southeast Asia Branch Arriva won the "2019 Lazada Best Service Provider Award”. In addition, the brands Arriva served have received 4 award nominations.



Buy Quickly Again Won Tmall Six-Star Service Provider

2019/08/09 Browse

On August 6, the star-rated service providers for the first half of 2019 have been selected and the results are sizzling hot. By virtue of its professional global service capabilities, Buy Quickly stood out from more than 360 service providers and won the Tmall six-star service provider again.


Since its inception in 2016, this award's high level professional requirements and strict review specifications have made being selected as a Tmall star operation service provider the highest and most distinguished honor in the field of e-commerce services.


All along, Buy Quickly has been committed to providing international fashion brands with integrated omni-channel brand consulting, store operation, digital marketing, warehousing, logistics, IT solutions and other full link services. In addition, fully empowered brands growth has occurred through customizing new retail solutions for the brands and opening up online and offline channels. Through intensive cultivation in the field of international fashion business, Buy Quickly went on to win the title of "six-star service provider" again after owned the honor in the second half of 2018!


Buy Quickly Supports Brazilian Brand Havaianas to Land on Tmall

2019/07/12 Browse

What comes to mind when you talk about the summer in Brazil? Is it the hot samba dance, the pure tropical sand beaches or the America's Cup? In addition to these, Brazil also has Flip-flopsWhich are also an indispensable summer item on the exotic sandy beaches. Even if you don’t go overseas, you can feel the vitality from Brazil.


On July 2nd, with the support of Buy Quickly, the Brazilian flip-flops brand Havaianas began to make their entrance into the Tmall! Since then, you could experience the charm of Havaianas at any time and discover the exhilaration of game life saturated with color.


Buy Quickly Has Won “2019 Gold Taobao Partner”

2019/07/05 Browse

Recently, Buy Quickly was invited to participate in Alibaba's 2019 Business Services Conference held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alibaba's service market.


At this conference, Buy Quickly once again, by virtue of its outstanding service capabilities and from among more than 5000 e-commerce services from within this business stood out, and won the "2019 Alibaba service market Gold Taobao Partner”.


As a Tmall Gold Taobao Partner, Buy Quickly provides full-link &

omni-channel service through Alibaba Service Market certification, with official standards of high quality and high efficiency, which is also the recognition of Buy Quickly's service capacity, quality and effectiveness. On this 618 just passed, the performance of the Buy Quickly served brands have been stable and have grown. Not only the total online transactions and order volume are up more than 100% year-on-year, but also 12 served brands sales volume on this year 6.18 are surpassing last year's 11.11. Buy Quickly has always been dedicated to the ability to build up an ecosystem with Alibaba, through the latest technology to help brands connect to the business seamlessly and continuously enhance the business-to-consumer interaction experience.

6.18 Big Sales Report in 2019 of Buy Quickly

2019/06/20 Browse

The 2019 Buy Quickly 6.18 Final Report:

GMV over the whole network increased by 122% annually with the total order volume increasing by 113% annually.


By 2 a.m, the total transactions exceeded last year's 11.11.

Buy Quickly facilitated 6 brands growth by more than 200% annually, and the performances of 12 brands exceeded last year 11.11..


42 live steams had been conducted, with more than 300,000 viewers.


Many brands led the industry: Pandora was number 1 in the jewelry industry. Clark's International men's and women's shoes was number 1 in casual shoes category and number 2 in international men's and women's shoes category. Tissot was number 1 in Switzerland watch category and was number 2 in the watch category, Maje and Sandro were number 1 and number 2  in women's affordable luxury clothing category, and MCM ranked number 1 in luxury bag category.


Bally Official Tmall Flagship Store Has Opened

2019/05/10 Browse

Founded in 1851, the Bally brand is a Swiss luxury brand with an outstanding tradition of shoe manufacturing. Today, the brand bears the characteristics of the bright retro style for inspiration, and continually designs distinctive shoes, accessories and clothes, as the standard of fashion.


Bally has officially entered Tmall and Tmall luxury platform “luxury Pavilion”, and during the grand opening, a full range of shoes, handbags, accessories and men's and women's clothes collections were launched in Bally's official Tmall flagship store consumers to purchase.


Bally Asia Pacific brand spokesman Deng Lun shot blockbusters for the Bally 520 limited-edition series, conveying romance and sweetness, which also brought a new energy and vitality into Bally's official Tmall flagship shop.

Buy Quickly and Tmall Internet Eco-Empowering Brand Meeting Concludes Perfectly

2019/04/19 Browse

Recently, Tmall and Buy Quickly jointly organized an Internet eco-empowerment brand exchange meeting. The project leader and store managers of Buy Quickly did systematic sharing on digital crowd operations, product operations planning, traffic trends, content marketing, customer service values and business development direction, etc. while strengthened business communication with industry elites as well as introduced new ideas to industry operations



Buy Quickly Consecutively Wins “Shanghai 2018-2020 High-tech Enterprise”

2019/04/19 Browse

Buy Quickly has obtained the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise, from 2018 to 2020, jointly issued by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation and the Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau.


Scientific and technological innovation has been permeated into the genome of Buy Quickly, which is closely related to the company's founding team and core management having a sound theoretical basis and practical experience in the computer field and e-commerce industry. From the initial start-up to today, Buy Quickly is expanding the engineers team year by year. There are now hundreds of outstanding engineers focused on retail industry technological research and innovation. In conjunction with a superb technology service and talent system, innovative tools are used in a variety of business scenarios for brand operations to enhance efficiency and continuing to enpower the international fashion brands omni-channel marketing and management.



Buy Quickly Escort, Mulberry Grand Opening Week 1 Sold Out

2019/02/04 Browse

Founded in 1971 by Roger Saul, Mulberry mainly produced handbags and belts in the early stage, and now includes men's and women's handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories, making itself the UK's largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods. Today, Mulberry has more than 120 stores worldwide, and 5 of them in China.


Buy Quickly teamed up with British luxury brand Mulberry. When the Tmall flagship store opened for the first time, 100,000 people flocked to Mulberry's official flagship store. A weeks later, the number of consumer rose to 300,000 notably. Several items were sold out and replenished up to four times.


It is believed that Buy Quickly will work with the Mulberry brand within the Tmall platform to ignite more interest in the future.


Buy Quickly Wins Alibaba Excellent Show Case Award

2019/01/11 Browse

On January 11, 2019, the Alibaba ONE Business Conference - 2019 Global Brand New Retail Summit was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center with the theme of "Creating a Digital Future". Buy Quickly was invited to attend the meeting as a leading new retail service provider. It helped Clarks to have an outstanding performance during the Double 11 period, which made Clarks become the only international brand selected for the award of the Alibaba Tmall New Retail Outstanding Case. And Buy Quickly won the Operating Service Award of the Outstanding Ecological Partner in new retail.


Throughout the whole service process, Buy Quickly provides professional consulting services for the brand to achieve a high degree of conversion of the sales power, such as precise positioning, customized new retail solutions. Therefore, Buy Quickly has passed Alibaba's strict and professional new retail selection mechanism, which reveals that it has successfully gained high affirmation.

Buy Quickly Wins Golden Wheat New Retail Outstanding Service Award

2018/12/24 Browse

On December 21, 2018, the Golden Wheat Award Stakes and China Digital Economic Summit were successfully held in Yuhang Yishan Town. Owing to the stunning 11-11 new retail debut created with the Fossil brand, Buy Quickly won the Golden Wheat Award for Outstanding New Retail Service by reason of its outstanding new retail all-channel operational capabilities.


The Golden Wheat Award, was launched by Taobao World in 2013, who was the first domestic company to introduce an international award standard for the comprehensive award of e-commerce, which is generally known as the "Oscar" of e-commerce companies.This year, it is also works with Tmall to set up different types of new retail awards, identifying more aspects, from which to review the entire format of industry development.


Buy Quickly teamed up with long-term partner Fossil to create 11.11, a dazzling new retail debut, via multi-channel content marketing, and accurate user operation. Through the multi-channel sales model, the brand purchasing conversion power is more efficient, and fully realizes integrated operations in new retail and multi-channel. Despite the trend of a continuous decline in visitor flow, the brand sales growth can still be achieved.


Southeast Asia's 12-12 Record, Even Better!

2018/12/14 Browse

Buy Quickly's Southeast Asia branch ARRIVA, breaks the record again in Philippines and Malaysia within Double 12, gaining the growth of 20% in comparison with the Double 11. It continues to lead the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry.


Southeast Asia NO.1: Operating brand FitFlop to break broke the platform record in 3 consecutive events, the Double 9Double 11 and Double 12  in 2018.  ARRIVA  makes FitFlop obtain the No.1 again in the FASHION category for the entire Southeast Asia region.


Buy Quickly's operating brands are successfully ahead in the Lazada Philippines list: FitFlop is the No.1 in fashion and footwear category. Herschel ranks No.3 in fashion category and gains No.1 in bag category JanSport wins the No.4 in fashion category, and the No.2 in Luggage category. Other brand is also taking the lead in the Lazada Malaysia list: Clark’s gains the No.2 in Fashion category, and No. 1 in footwear category.


Through online and offline co-marketing, it attracted more than 300K visits to the store. A multi-brand Facebook joint live broadcast was successfully planned to attain more than 30K visits, and 14K interactions.


ARRIVA won the award of Best Customer Service, and the No.1 Platform of Response Speed.

Buy Quickly acquires the first batch brand number of preferred service providers

2018/12/07 Browse

Recently, Buy Quickly obtained authentication of brand account platform (brand new retail platform), becoming one of eight selected service providers in the first batch. As one of the few comprehensively certified service providers in the field, Buy Quickly provides a full range of business services to the brand from eight aspects, such as brand consulting, store operation, digital marketing, creative studio, warehousing logistics, innovative technology, customer service and new retail.


Buy Quickly provides fully integrated marketing services, which are based on specific situations of every consumer rather than the same one for a lot of consumers in the traditional marketing. Through "decentralization" marketing, consumer voices are heard in brand relationships, creating a new retail experience that seamlessly connects online and offline, meeting the high standards of brand-consumer relationship management in the digital age.


2018 Buy Quickly's Double Eleven Performance

2018/11/11 Browse

This year Buy Quickly’s sales increased significantly, brands including MCM, Tumi, Pandora, Tissot, and especially  Clarks and SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot)  are among the highest ranking in sales. With New Retail new to Buy Quickly’s game, it brought sales traffic from offline to online stores. The performance of the offline  brand stores has increased compared with the usual geometric growth. At the same time, in order to promote the speed of the “Double Eleven” great deal orders, Buy Quickly was well prepared; with the upgrade of the 30,000 square meters + self-operated high-standard warehouse allowed storing, packing, shipping and delivery to run out smoothly.

Buy Quickly——Arriva’s Outstanding Double Eleven Performance

2018/11/11 Browse

Buy Quickly‘s Southeast Asian branch ARRIVA has announced their performance report for their first double eleven in the Philippines and Malaysia. ARRIVA established the leading position in Southeast Asia's e-commerce operation industry, brands such as FitFlop, Herschel, Jansport and Clarks performed well in the Fashion category. In addition, the Southeast Asia branch has gained a large exposure for the brand through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and other channels, and the drainage effect is excellent. At the same time, it successfully planned a multi-brand Facebook joint live broadcast, which was greatly exposed, viewed and interacted. It is worth mentioning that the successful planning of the PR event and the deepening of the strategic partnership with the Lazada platform.

Buy Quickly: 618 Sales Record

2018/06/21 Browse

Buy Quickly has once again broke its sales record with “618 Carnival” being the biggest mid-year event on the e-commerce calendar at its closing. The extension of the 618 activity period also allowed each category and brand to have more freedom in their method of promotion and timing during those 20 days. Store operation, digital marketing, customer service, warehousing logistics and new retail synergy operations achieved outstanding results in 2018’s 618 event. Buy Quickly took the No. 1 ranking in women’s bags for the 8th consecutive year, with all other Buy Quickly bags brands entering the top 30 stores in that category.

Tumi Launches in China

2018/04/19 Browse

Tumi, an international brand for high-end suitcases and bags for travel has recently secured a strategic collaboration agreement with Buy Quickly. Buy Quickly has officially started operating Tumi’s ecommerce platform, Tmall and TUMI Chinese name is Tuming, which is a highly sought-after luggage brand. Since its establishment in 1975, it has been known as “high-end and multi-functional”. The quality of the nylon bag is wear-resistant, and it can be bulletproof even if it is (say). Charlie Clifford, the founder of the brand, was a member of the US Peace Corps stationed in South America. He named his company under the name of the Peruvian god "TUMI" and is committed to creating a brand that makes travel easier and more convenient.